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4 Tips For Capturing Better Real Estate Photographs

4 Tips For Capturing Better Real Estate Photographs

The perfect real estate photo can spark a bidding war for your San Diego property.

Feature your California property with a flattering photograph and it will prove that much easier to sell. A California real estate photographer will capture your home in all its beauty with the perfect level of lighting, interior design, and angles. Here is a look at some helpful tips to capture the optimal California real estate photographs.

If you have sundries scattered about your California home, put them away or organize them so they look orderly when the photos are taken. Your home should look clean and organized. Do not leave random items like bottles, magazines, or food out and about. Put everything in its right space so the potential buyer can get a true feel for the home’s layout as opposed to your lifestyle.

Zero in on Your San Diego Home’s Strengths

If you have recently renovated or painted a portion of your home, feature it in your photographs. Your California real estate photographer will help you select the best rooms of your home to feature in the photos. When in doubt, opt for portions of your home that will put the viewer in a relaxed mood. Examples include the bathroom, pool, and kitchen.

Capture the Home Instead of the Street

Do not include images of the street. Though your neighbor’s property and a small portion of the street will likely make their way into a few of the exterior photographs, the focus should be on your home. Have the real estate photographer take photos of your home’s interior and exterior, select the best of the bunch and prospective buyers will get a true feel for what it is like to live in this home.

Images Should be Presented in a Strategic Manner

Once you have selected the sharpest, brightest, and most visually striking photos taken by your California real estate photographer, do not upload them in any old order. Tell a story with the flow of the images in a slideshow that truly captures the feel of your home. Start out with images of the exterior or front door/porch. Guide the buyer through the home as if you are conducting a virtual tour. This strategic presentation of your home’s images will give bidders a sense of the home’s layout.

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