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Facts About Real Estate Photography – California

Facts About Real Estate Photography – California

Real Estate Photography is More Complicated Than Most Assume

When it comes to real estate photography in California, most people think the area’s beautiful homes and gorgeous scenery make every snapshot beautiful. The truth is real estate photography is actually quite challenging. This is an important aspect of the selling process. If executed properly, real estate photography can spur a bidding war for your San Diego property. Let’s take a look at some important facts concerning real estate photography in California.

Buyers are Infatuated With Real Estate Photography

Plenty of home sellers assume real estate photos aren’t that important. Yet home-seekers find these photos to be extraordinarily insightful. Upwards of 83 percent of home buyers consider pictures of the property to be important. In fact, buyers spend nearly two-thirds of their time looking at photos of homes for sale. Merely 20 percent of their time is spent reading the listing description. A picture really is worth a thousand words!

Excellent Photos Inspire Lofty Bids

San Diego houses documented with high-quality photos generate an asking price that is nearly 50 percent higher per square foot than homes with inferior pictures or no pictures at all.

Real Estate Photography Must be Visually Striking

Most people are shocked to learn the average home-seeker dedicates a mere two seconds of attention to a prospective home for sale if there is no photo. A home listing including one or several photos inspires an average analysis of 20 seconds.

Those Subtleties Matter a Great Deal

The seemingly minor components of real estate photography are uber-important. Everything from the amount and type of lighting used in the photograph to the positioning of furniture and decorations has the potential to influence prospective buyers.

An Alliance With a Professional Photographer Pays Big Dividends

Of particular importance is the lens used. You need to ally with a proven real estate photography guru to ensure the lens selected for your home’s pictures provides to most inviting and intriguing view. Consider the following statistic when determining whether you will attempt a DIY approach or ally with a proven real estate photographer: Homes advertised with pictures taken by professional photographers sell for upwards of $19,000 more than homes advertised with pictures taken by the homeowner, an amateur photographer or no pictures at all.

Professional Photos Get Your Home off the Market Quickly

Ally with a professional real estate photographer and it won’t be long until your home sells. Studies show listings accompanied by photographs taken by professional real estate photographers sell 32% faster than homes without such pictures.

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