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4 Tips for Tampa Bay Real Estate Photography

4 Tips for Tampa Bay Real Estate Photography

Selling a home is certainly a challenge. Most sellers want the process to be over and done with as quickly and painlessly as possible. Though there is no surefire way to get a fantastic offer for your Tampa Bay home immediately after listing it, professional photos will surely help. Take a look at these helpful Tampa Bay real estate photography tips. Incorporate this advice and it just might make the difference between an average offer and one that knocks your socks off.

Lighting Matters

Lighting makes a major difference in how a home looks. Interior photos should include natural and ambient lighting balanced with the judicious use of manual mode and flash. The goal is to make these interior spaces look bright, cheery and airy. Try to get just the right vantage point so aesthetically pleasing components outside of the home can be seen through windows.

Key in on the property’s sources of light. Enhance them by scattering flashes in a strategic manner. Optimize the exposure along with the high dynamic range (HDR) and your Tampa Bay real estate photography will turn out fantastic.

Maintain a Focus in all Tampa Bay Real Estate Photography Shots

Making use of an ultra wide-angle lens shot to make rooms look larger seems sensible. Yet the viewer will figure out this style of lens is being used if he looks at enough pictures. Use telephoto to vary lens use and generate a more inviting view. It will also help to angle shots through objects to key in on the home’s best features and highlight the abundance of space.

Level the Camera for the Best Tampa Bay Real Estate Photography

Leveling mattes a great deal when it comes to Tampa Bay real estate photography. Make use of a professional-grade tripod to keep the camera perfectly level. The head and tripod should have bubble levels to boot. Check the viewfinder to guarantee all vertical lines are completely vertical prior to snapping pictures.

Compelling Exterior Shots

A single exterior shot of the Tampa home will be used to stimulate interest. This image will be used on the web, in printed guides and newspapers. This shot must inspire the viewer to pause and examine the Tampa property’s details. Ideally, the exterior shot will motivate prospects to learn more about the home and contact the seller. Use a poling mechanism for the optimal angle and lighting. An infrared shutter release and a wide-angled lens will also present the home at its best. Finally, tint the roof so it doesn’t look like it requires immediate replacement.

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