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4 Tips To Find a Professional Real Estate Photographer in California

4 Tips To Find a Professional Real Estate Photographer in California

Follow these tips and you will find the perfect real estate photographer for your California property.

Professional real estate photography has the potential to lead to a fantastic offer. Alternatively, a DIY attempt at real estate photography can sabotage your home sale effort. A prospective buyer’s split-second look at your home’s photographs really can make the difference between an impressive offer and one that is egregiously low. The question is how to go about finding the ideal California real estate photographer who will ramp up interest in your home.

Inspect the Photographer’s Photos

Take a close look at the California real estate photographer’s pictures of homes for sale as well as pictures of homes that have sold. Gauge the appeal of these photos. Do they have proper lighting and perfect spacing? Has the house been properly prepared for the shoot? Analyze the photographer’s social media pages, website, and portfolios to determine if the quality of the images is consistent.

Consider the Services Offered

Ideally, the photographer you are favoring will offer multiple services. It is not enough to simply take a picture of a home. Pictures must be listed properly and in a timely manner. California real estate photographers can also offer services ranging from video and home tours to interactive floor plans, tours, virtual staging, and beyond.

Location Matters

It will help to find a California real estate photographer located near the home you would like to sell. Once you have narrowed down your top photographer choices, find out if you are in the service area or if a charge will be applied for travel for the shoot.

Brand Image and Experience

Consider whether the photographer in question has extensive experience. Determine if he or she has invested the time and effort necessary to establish a brand image. Everything from the photographer’s website to the Facebook page should be updated and intriguing. Take the extra step of examining reviews to gauge client satisfaction. Furthermore, you can even take a look at the candidate’s current group of clients, examine the listings, and determine if this approach is suitable for the property you would like to put on the market.

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