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What Makes A Good Photographer?

Top notch photography is eye candy for home buyers, but what makes good real estate photography? And how can it help you sell more real estate?

There are 3 essential factors that can make all the difference:

  • Composition
  • Lighting
  • Editing

A good photographer qualifies as someone who will go the extra mile by assessing the home. Most importantly, the photographer will see if the home is in the proper condition to take photos. This is accomplished by going through each room to make sure everything is in its proper place. It is important to make the home look its best and in presentable condition.


Composition is very important to real estate photography. The nuances of composition make each room pop and look its best. This may even include straightening up, and in some cases rearranging items to help make the best images possible.

Let us Take the Best Photos of Your Property

There are many choices for real estate photography. However, the pros at Get Real Estate Photography know the best options for creating the highest-quality real estate photography designed to help you sell more. We know how to compose, stage, light and edit photography when presenting your property in the best manner possible.

Our offered services include high quality photos, videos, aerial photography, and virtual staging. Call Get Real Estate Photography today at (760) 652-9362 or (727) 460-5301 to schedule a consultation. We take pride in our years of professional experience, our exceptional customer service and around the clock availability. Let us turn your listing and marketing into eye candy for new buyers!

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