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Tips for Drone Photography in Tampa Bay

Tips for Drone Photography in Tampa Bay

The Next Level of Real Estate Photography

One of the best ways to sell Tampa real estate is to use drone photography. Drones allow for a unique and artful presentation of Tampa properties for sale. Let’s take a look at a few drone photography tips that will help you sell your Tampa home.

Strive for a Dramatic Shot

Make proper use of drone photography and you will be able to generate some truly spectacular and dramatic shots. Consider hiring a drone operator who knows how to use a state of the art drone. You can also create dynamic shots of your own with a little bit of practice. Invest the little bit of time required to pre-program a GPS flight path with automatic camera targeting and you will end up with a series of phenomenal shots that present your Tampa property in the best possible light.

Make use of a 3-axis Gimbal

A 3-axis gimbal secures the camera with a specialized mount to keep the camera perfectly steady as the drone moves through the air. This piece of equipment is even designed with electrical motors to properly position the camera as it flies across and above your Tampa property. This way, vibrations won’t interfere with your quest for the perfect shots.

Aerial Photos Provide a Unique Perspective

Fly the drone high up in the air for a picturesque aerial photo of your property’s most unique features. This vantage point can capture quite the captivating shots of pools, gardens, landscaping, fountains and other marketable amenities. Fly the drone high enough to include nearby parks and other popular spaces in the shots and your drone photography will prove that much more effective.

Consider Hiring a Professional for Your Drone Photography

It will take some time to learn how to properly fly a drone. If you do not want to invest several hours in learning how to fly a drone, hire a professional. This specialist will have the FAA UAV operator’s certificate required to fly a drone for real estate marketing purposes.

Drones Allow for Intriguing Virtual Tours

Drones provide a look at the exterior of the home as well as the interior. It can coast right on into your Tampa home and move throughout each of the rooms. This provides quite the dynamic virtual tour that can’t be obtained through traditional photography. Add in some voice-overs and your virtual tour will prove quite appealing.

Capture Plenty of Raw Footage

The best drone shots stem from extended shoots. Take as many shots as possible. Whittle them down to the best of the best later on.

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