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Virtual Staging vs. Staging

GET REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY offers virtual staging at an affordable price! Often I hear agents complaining about the cost of staging a home, (though it is worth the cost!) so I always let them know that virtual staging is an option if they want to save a few bucks! The down side is that when they show the home to potential buyers, the furniture and decor are not there. However the virtual staging gets their listing noticed online and gets the buyers through the door! When we get orders for virtual staging the agent has the option to choose the style of furniture and decor that best suits the property! It also gives potential buyers ideas of how they would decorate the home if they buy it! Virtual staging and staging are wonderful options to spruce up and polish a home to be as presentable as possible! GET REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY refers other affiliates in the industry such as stagers and we love to send them business! Virtual staging vs. staging has it’s pluses and minuses either way but the best plus to virtual staging is the quick turnaround if the agent is in a pinch trying to get the property on the market! Staging is quick too but takes a bit more time. Our agents are always wowed when they see how a room can be transformed from plain to pizazz! Visit our website at or send us an email at
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