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Why Your New Home Listing Needs a Real Estate Photographer

Why Your New Home Listing Needs a Real Estate Photographer

Real Estate is a market that is now defined by online listings. Realtor.com estimates that 92% of home purchases involve the internet. Homes are no longer found strolling through the neighborhood next door or tours hosted by agents. No, new homes are bought and sold via clicks of a mouse and image scrolls. In today’s market, first impressions count more than ever. That is why any homeowner looking to sell must have a professional real estate photographer on their side. Here are the 5 reasons this is the case.

Show Me the Money

It’s not a secret that homeowners want to get the best value for their home. Recent estimations show that professionally done photographs have a huge ROI, up to $116,000. So while it could be tempting to throw some money at a new roof or into new landscaping, all the research suggest that hiring a professional real estate photographer is the much more prudent choice. It has also been documented that homes with professional pictures sell quicker as well as for more money. So not only do you get the price you were looking for, you get it soon.

You’re Not a Real Estate Photographer

Your real estate agent isn’t either. You or your agent may get the inspiration to dust off your camera lens and start shooting, but it’s probably not the best investment decision. Real Estate Photographers are professionals whose job it is to create an attractive visual representation of your home. Even if you have like for like professional equipment (you probably don’t), there are countless other variables that go into professional photography. Some of these variables may include:

  • Angle
  • Lighting
  • Furniture Arrangement/Staging
  • Photoshop and Editing

It takes years to master these variables to produce professional photos. Even if you could match most of the resources a real estate photographer uses, it takes years to develop the eye that trained professional has.

You’re Selling a Luxury Home

As you are working with a smaller market, selling a luxury home can be a slow process. Not only that, but the sheer weight of value that is being transacted can mean a longer buying period than for a lesser home. For a homeowner trying to sell a luxury property, there shouldn’t be a question of whether or not to hire a professional real estate photographer. It should be which photographer will help me get the right price in the timeframe I desire.

With a luxury home, your market of buyers is smaller while your competition for those buyers is high. Other homes in your price range are sure to invest in quality real estate photography and advertising, leveraging bigger budgets for better marketing. If you own a luxury property and are looking to sell, Get Real Estate Photography is an excellent choice to showcase your home.

Virtual Tours

There’s a growing demand in real estate for virtual tours. Professional photography stills are only the starting point for marketing your property. Immersive virtual tours allow full experiences of your home. While virtual tours take time and money to put together, they are hugely popular in commercial real estate and more expensive homes. Virtual Tours are becoming a necessity in real estate marketing and look likely to increase in popularity. Make your home competitive on the market by consulting Get Real Estate Photography about virtual tour opportunities.

Get Real Estate Photography

There’s no question selling a home has changed. It used to be that agents would tour you through their listings or maybe you’d drive through nice neighborhoods hoping to see signs posted in the front yard. Now, almost all home buying decisions are moderated through internet search. Online, your home only has a split second to make an impression and invite a click, placing an emphasis on your home’s appearance. Get Real Estate Photography specializes in home photography with the purpose of selling at the best price in a timeframe an owner is comfortable with. Get Real Estate Photography has the capabilities for both professional stills and visual tours, making the visual expression of your home pop. Contact us today if you’re serious about getting what you deserve for your home.

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